A Sesson refers to a typical operating time of one semester in SVCC. Thus, a single session typically runs 11 weeks (excluding pre and post session activities).

Sessional DiscrepancyEdit

Generally, Fall and Winter semesters run in concordance to the University of Alberta's Fall and Winter terms. However, because of the shortened Spring and Summer semesters, SVCC operates under a combined Spring/Summer semester which runs the full 11-weeks; thus SVCC's year-round-calendar consists of only 3 semesters, compared to a post-secondary style of 4 semesters.

Sessional TimelineEdit

Session 1Edit

  • SVCC is founded by Father Firth and Rita Chow at St.Joseph's College on the University of Alberta campus.
  • ELS is the first school established by SVCC (as a course for new immigrants).