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Jeffrey Leung

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Operations was dissolved as of Session 93, and re-classified as Human Resources
See: Human Resources


Vice President Internal (VP Internal)The VP Internal heads the Operation department, which oversees internal operations of the organization, such as maintaining the database, organizing vfolunteer appreciation events, managing classroom assignment, and other duties as necessary.

Duties include:

  • Liaising with school directors
  • Liaising with the external community
  • Database management.

Operation Officers (OO)
Operation Officers work in concert with the VP Internal to manage the Operations Department. Strong organizational skills are necessary, as is the ability to work well with others.

Information Technology Specialist (IT)

The role of the IT officer is officially defined as being under the direction of the Operations Department. However, the role of IT officer is specifically geared towards the technological operations of SVCC. IT officers should have:

  • Good general knowledge of Windows operating systems (e.g. Vista, XP, knowledge of older versions are an asset)
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Access databases (vbScript knowledge an asset)
  • Web design experience if possible


Former Department HeadsEdit

Alvin Tong

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