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Formerly known as Operations, the Human Resources Department was created in Session 92-93, and acts as a specialized division dealing primarily with new volunteers and daily operational activities.


Human Resources Department Head (HRH)
The H.R Dept. Head leads the Human Resources Department, which oversees internal operations of the organization, such as maintaining the database, organizing vfolunteer appreciation events, managing classroom assignment, and other duties as necessary.

Duties include:

  • Liaising with school directors
  • Management of equipment.
  • Coordinating new volunteers through training.
  • Database management.

Human Resources Assistant Head (HRAH)
The H.R Assistant Head serves to assist the HR Department Head in all forms of operations. From coordinating the HR Officers to dispersing General Volunteers into other schools and departments.

Human Resources Officers (HRO)
H.R Officers work in concert with the HR Department Head and Assistant Head to manage the HR Department. Strong organizational skills are necessary, as is the ability to work well with others.

General Volunteers (GV)
General Volunteers ensure the operational success of SVCC by undergoing training sessions to learn about SVCC. As well as assist the Academics Department in conducting evaluations of instructors.

Former Department HeadsEdit

Alex Lam [As Operations Head]

Alvin Tong (Session ??-87) [As Operations Head]

Andrew Dong (Session 88-89) [As Operations Head]

Jeffrey Leung (Session 90-92) [As Operations Head]

For further information, or if you are interested in joining SVCC in the capacity of any of the above positions, please go to our article here!

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