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Father Firth, Rita Chow




Benny Hung

Assistant Director(s):

Valerie Chan

School Color:

Sky Blue


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Former DirectorsEdit

  • Shirley Cheung
  • Clarissa Sit
  • Ravneet Mehta
  • Jeffrey Leung
  • Althea Chia
  • Cathy Zhang (Session 86-88)
  • Valerie Chan (Session 88-90)

Resources Edit

Common Resources Edit

  • Volunteer Handbook
  • September 8, 2009 - I am in the process of figuring out how to post pdf files! I can't upload it onto my web manager.
  • Download the layout of documents you should be familiar with along with the EI+SA roles here:
  • Download the Course Coordinator Initiative here: **link to be posted* Sept 12/09

School Administrators Edit

Used by ELS SA's to see meetings, deadlines and other pertinent information. Only SA's authorized with a password by the Director can post events.

The SA appointed to record attendance will add an entry to the appropriate dates directly onto the calendar. Follow these steps when reporting absences on the calendar:

  1. Click on the date the volunteer will be absent
  2. Select "Post a new event" located near the left side of the calendar
  3. None of the five input fields need to be filled out except for "Event Title". Use this format: "Volunteer's first name - Absent"
  4. Under "Event Description", type in the volunteer's reason for absence. Also, note the number of times so the volunteer has been absent in the current SVCC session
  5. Type in the numbers/letters at the bottom of the screen to finalize submission
  • Biweekly Classroom Report
  • Resolution Forms

English Instructors

  • English Instructor Manual - Instructor related duties are outlined in the average SVCC Session. Also contains lesson planning instructions as well as teaching tips.
    • will be posted soon** Sept.12/09

      Tells what to include in an LP, which will be used to conduct class. Modified lesson plans* must be submitted to ELS within two weeks after class was taught. Include your full name, your CC's full name, session number and Week #.

The use of LP's will vary, depending on the pace of both the students and the instructor. As a result, new concepts might be added spontaneously. Also, it is possible that not everything on the LP will be covered. These additions and deletions are a reflection of what was actually taught to the students. Therefore, the original LP must be updated and revised to show these changes, which will then be known as a modified LP.

  • Endpoint CC Evaluation
  • Language Benchmarks
  1. EA 100
  2. EA 200
  3. EA 300
  4. EA 400
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