Course Codes refer to the system used by SVCC in order to systematically categorize and identify all courses/classes offered by SVCC.

Code BreakdownEdit

Course Codes consist of 2 roman alphabet letters and 3 alphanumeric numbers based on the deemed level of difficulty. (ex. EA200 refers to a 2nd Level class).  The breakdown of each language school and level course are as follows (note: X denotes variable letters and numbers):

School TypeEdit

EX-XXX refers to English Language School Courses

CX-XXX refers to Cantonese Language School Courses

MX-XXX refers to Mandarin Language School Courses

FX-XXX refers to French Language School Coures

JX-XXX refers to Japanese Language School Courses

KX-XXX refers to Korean Language School Courses

Student TypeEdit

XA-XXX refers to courses offered for adults.

XC-XXX refers to courses offered for children.

Difficulty LevelEdit

XX-1XX refers to courses at the beginner level

XX-2XX refers to courses at the lower intermediate level

XX-3XX refers to courses at the higher intermediate level

XX-4XX refers to courses at the lower advanced level

XX-5XX refers to courses at the higher advanced level

Course TypeEdit

XX-X0X refers to courses which focus on all aspects of the language

XX-X9X refers to courses aimed at improving spoken language

Course DurationEdit

XX-XX0 refers to a standalone course

XX-XX1 refers to Part 1 of a two-part course

XX-XX2 refers to Part 2 of a two-part course