Bill X1-89 refers to the "Global Technology Act" which is the second bill reviewed during Session 89.


The basis of this bill refers to the upgrading and purchase of new computers for each school and department, along with all therein rules regarding purchase, release and future upgrades.


The cost of each computer purchased for a school is not to exceed $700.


The bill moves to amend the constitution by implementing the following amendment:

1. All computers purchased by and for The Student Volunteer Campus community will be the sole property of The Student Volunteer Campus Community. 2. A computer which is assigned to a Member of The Student Volunteer Campus Community will be subject to the contract henceforth known as "The Technology Contract.: 3. The replacement of computers will commence every three years if no prior purchase was made by any individual Department or School of The Student Volunteer Campus Community in the past three years.

A. If a computer was purchased within the past two years by a Department or School of The Student Volunteer Campus Community, then the aforementioned purchase may not occur.

4. "The Technology Contract" is as follows:

The Technology Contract

This document is considered a binding contract and outlines the proper guidelines of usage.

Whomever signs this document understand and agrees to this contract. By signing this document, I acknowledge any and all responsibilities outlined in this document, and my failure to comply to this contract may result in legal action.

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